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29 November 2022

Karsan starts strategic cooperation in Indonesia

Karsan continues its global expansion. Karsan together with the Credo Group company Schacmindo from Indonesia, signed a memorandum of understanding to evaluate the production options of type (semi-assembled) type. If a final agreement is reached by...
KArsan Indonesia
22 September 2022

Karsan launches e-ATA HYDROGEN at IAA

Karsan joined the hydrogen era at the IAA Transportation Fair in Hannover, Germany. The Turkish manufacturer presented a brand new e-ATA HYDROGEN with which its extends its range of electric and autonomous products. In addition to the IAA...
Karsan eAta Hydrogen 1
10 June 2022

Electric bus solutions for the global market: new MAN e-chassis

MAN Truck & Bus will in future be offering an eBus chassis for the global market. This is based on proven technologies from the Lion's City E for which MAN already received orders for a total of over 1,000 buses from many European countries. With the...
MAN e-chassis
10 June 2022

Busworld Turkey 2022, the best edition ever

The 9th edition of Busworld Turkey, organised by Busworld and its Turkish partner, HKF Trade Fairs, was held for three days, from 26 to 28 May 2022 in the Istanbul Expo Center. It was Busworld’s first post-covid edition. The ‘new normal’ turned out...
22 April 2022

Busworld Turkey Speakers' Corner brings new topics

In the 2022 edition Busworld introduces a new seminar concept: the Speakers' Corner. Busworld wants to give the floor to all kinds of speakers and startup companies in a very flexible way. So far the schedule on 26 and 27 May presents IVECO BUS, ZF...
19 April 2022

100 PACCAR MX-11 engines for high-quality Otokar 'Metrobuses'

DAF Components has supplied 100 PACCAR MX-11 engines to the Turkish bus manufacturer Otokar. The Euro 6 powerplants are mounted in the new Otokar 'Metro buses'; articulated vehicles for Istanbul's Metrobüs BRT system. Istanbul is the largest...
DAF Otokar
12 April 2022

IVECO BUS brings 3 vehicles to Busworld Turkey

For the very first time in the Busworld Turkey history, IVECO BUS will exhibit in the trade show. Busworld welcomes them with open arms! They will be showcasing 3 IVECO BUS vehicles. Curious? Book your ticket and visit their booth.
E-Way Iveco
22 March 2022

Mapar MAN presents its MAN vehicles at Busworld Turkey 2022

Mapar is a loyal customer of Busworld Turkey and joins again in 2022. The Busworld team is very happy to welcome them.
Mapar MAN
18 March 2022

The exhibitor list is online

The exhibitor list has been published and you can check it out now. So far the list contains 130 exhibitors of which 13 are showing buses, coaches and minibuses. The list is being updated on a daily basis, so stay tuned for more.
Exhibitor list
11 March 2022

Busworld Turkey 2022's visitor registration is open!

It's about time to book your tickets for the biggest bus and coach show in Turkey and start preparing your visit!
Busworld Turkey visitor registration
Busworld BUSiness
Busworld BUSiness

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