Welcome to Karsan @ Busworld Turkey 2022

28 January 2022

Karsan has been an independent multi-brand light commercial vehicles manufacturer in Turkey for more than 50 years.

Karsan manages the entire automotive value chain, from R&D to production, marketing, sales, and after-sales activities. Next to their own brands, they also produce 10m, 12m and 18m buses for Menarinibus.

Since 2018, Karsan started producing electric vehicles so far they solde over 250+ electric vehicles. Karsan is the only brand in Europe, offering a full range of 6m to 18m e-buses.

For their electric vehicles, Karsan has a close cooperation with BMW. Both the e-JEST and the e-ATAK are electrified by BMWi.

Karsan also produces the level-4 Autonomous bus e-ATAK in partnershup with the local technology company ADASTEC.



The e-JEST has both BMW i batteries and electric motor. The e-JEST is market leader with 43% in its segment in 2020.



E-ATAK uses BMW i batteries and is has the best-in-class range with 300kms



e-ATA has a high passenger capacity, ultra low energy consumption and flexible options in battery, charging time and seat layout.

Come to Busworld Turkey 2022 and check out the Karsan vehicles in their booth!