Who we are

IETT, the institution that started the modern urban transportation in Turkey, has achieved many firsts from the past to the present and has always played a leading role in its sector in our country. Urban transportation in Istanbul first started with the establishment of the Dersaadet Tramway Company and the construction of the Tunnel Facilities in 1869, the first horse-drawn tram was put into service in 1871 and the electric tram operation started in February 1914. Electric Tramway and Tunnel Enterprises, which were operated by various foreign companies for a while, were nationalized in 1939 and gained its current identity under the name of Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel (IETT) General Directorate with the law numbered 3645. In 1945, Yedikule and Kurbağalıdere Gas Factories and the Istanbul and Anadolu gas distribution systems fed by these factories were transferred to IETT, and the trolleybuses, which were put into operation in 1961, served Istanbul residents until 1984. With a law enacted in 1982, all electricity services, with their rights and obligations, were transferred to the Turkish Electricity Authority (TEA), and in 1993, coal gas production and distribution activities were terminated.

IETT operates the bus, metrobus, “Nostalgic Tram” serving between Taksim-Tünel and the historical “Tünel” serving between Karaköy and Beyoğlu, and electric vehicle operations in the Islands.