Epengle: TripleShield keeps seat-covers clean, fresh and new for longer

23 September 2021

Istanbul based textile manufacturer Epengle developed a new coating to protect fabrics used in buses and coaches and to keep the fabrics clean, fresh and new as when the coach came out of the factory. TripleShield forms a protective barrier against viruses, germs, bacteria, funghi and stains.

TripleShield is an effective fungicide and provides protection against odours, mould and mildew. Buses and coaches tend to have a warm and humid environment as transportation systems serve many people at once, especially when it is raining. Conditions can be worsened by food and drink spills on the floor and seats. An ideal environment for funghi to grow and multiply, eventually leading to the degeneration of the textiles, the seat covers, and weakening the durability.

TripleShield, a registered trademark, is specially designed by Epengle to create protection against water and oil based stains such as food, drinks, paint and other colouring material. It repels liquids, casing liquid droplets to bead up on the textile surfaces and not to soak in the fabric.

TripleShield is registered according to European Biocidal Product regulation (BPR) and the American EPA regulation. The coating is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. It uses non migrating/non-leaching technology and is save for the skin. It is Oeko-tex class 1 certified, the globally standardised, independent mark of quality for raw, semi-finished and finished textile products. TripleShield provides also a combination of antimicrobial and viral reducing activity of enveloped viruses; including H1N1 and Covid and creates a surface resistance to developments of visible microbial growth and accompanying odour.

Epengle is founded in 1961, it is celebrating this year its 60'th anniversary, and has always been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing upholstery and drapery velvet for interior fashion. Epengle stepped into the transportation sector in the early 1980s. Shining out with its unique designs on vehicles such as trains, buses, and minibuses it has become one of the top three brands in the world. Epengle has a wide range of products which includes Jacquard and Dobby qualities with polyester, polyester/wool, wool/nylon and different plain and flat fabrics for seats, side walls, headrest and covering of ceiling.