Who we are

We as ILESBUS producing midibuses, minibuses for over a decade. But the experience and information packed for long behind in this production quality. We always believe renovation and upgrading, will bring more success, improved quality, and customer satisfaction. We also completed certification process and have our type approval for Iles Design buses, and accessible buses. Our most valuable guide in this process is the expectations and needs of our customers. The vehicles we reinterpret with a magic touch in accordance with the requests of our customers turn into an innovative icon which offers both a functional benefit and carries aesthetic values. It ideally meets the requirements of the area of use and always makes a difference. By combining the design and production power, we have with the latest technologies in our field, we provide our vehicle with the most suitable materials. Additionally, we contribute to the people with disabilities for reaching more customized fields in transportation with our specially produced products and special solutions. Our product range covers for all type of minibuses and midibuses up to 35 passengers, including M1 and VIP types.